A roof is one of the most important parts of your home, helping to protect the interior from potential dangers. That's why Trumm Exteriors offers only the best roofing solutions to suit your home.


While there are many different options, asphalt shingles are a great choice for almost any home. The asphalt shingles at our Canton, South Dakota exterior company are durable, affordable, and come in an amazing variety of colors and styles to match many exterior styles.


Asphalt shingles are designed to protect a home through decades of wear with minimal maintenance and are available in many colors and styles. Asphalt shingles can fight algae growth, withstand inclement weather and offer cool roof color systems. The asphalt shingles at Trumm Exteriors are naturally fire resistant and include a lifetime warranty.


Metal roofing is a superb choice for agricultural use such as barns, sheds and arenas. Roof contractors know metal roofing is a great choice because it is easy to install on new or existing buildings, is weather resistant and low maintenance. You can feel confident that your Canton or Sioux Falls, SD farm’s assets are safe with a metal roof for years to come.


Steel Ribbed Roof

Ribbed steel panels are an excellent way to include strong, bold visual lines into your design, for local South Dakota residential or commercial uses. Its durability and adaptability make ribbed steel roof panels a favorite for roofing, siding, fencing and interior projects alike.


Owens Corning Roofing is committed to quality shingles. They undergo extensive testing to meet industry standards and certifications so that you can feel good about your Canton, South Dakota roof installation or replacement. View shingle options below.



Stone-coated metal roofing combines the industrial strength of steel and durability with the elegance of traditional roofing materials like shingle, shake and tile styles, all focused on providing the finest solutions for roofers. The roof panels from our local Canton, South Dakota exterior company have a special interlocking design to stand up to high winds while adding sheer strength.


Our home exterior company’s shake-look steel roof panels display the unique beauty and richness of cedar shake, keeping the  distinct shadows and textures. This option provides the look expert roof contractors want with durability and longevity.


The  shingle style roof panels available at Trumm Exteriors have the same rich and distinct look of a heavyweight shingle at only a fraction of the weight. With its thick-cut edges and bold shadow lines, this professional roofing option provides depth and a strong appearance. This profile adds great appeal to classic styled Canton, South Dakota homes and is perfect for those who favor the look of heavy-cut wood shingles.


With its subtly detailed surface and vertical grooves, the slate-style panels from our Canton, SD exterior company mimic the appearance of natural slate without the heavy weight and tendency to crack. This roof panel option provides you with the longevity and look of natural slate roofing and significantly decreases weight strain on your South Dakota home’s construction.


The wood-look steel panels at Trumm Exteriors mimic the authentic color and grain of the wood to create the visual charm of classic wooden shakes that provides the timeless look you want to achieve. This option is more sustainable and safer, eliminating the risk of fire and rotting. Coated steel shingles can last for decades and are non-flammable and very safe.


Asphalt Shingle Roofer

Cottage style roof shingles capture the rustic look of wood shingles, while providing the protection of steel. Certified roof contractors love these panels because they use contrasting stone chip colors to give a multi-blend effect to fit almost any building exterior. These roof shingles are low maintenance, high wind and hail resistant, and provide long term protection for your roof.

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