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Every family has a story... Welcome to ours.


Todd Trumm has been working sales in construction for more than two decades. He found his passion for selling top quality products to good people when he was young, and that passion has never left him. Talking shop with the good people across these midwestern states has simply become second nature to him. He considered himself beyond fortunate to learn these skills early in his career from the owners of a family-owned business that had been established decades earlier. He made a home there as a salesman in exteriors, and after they closed their doors, Todd learned on his feet. He traveled from Nebraska to Ohio, working with some amazing people, picking up management and contracting skills along the way. Finally, he landed back home in Canton, South Dakota, where he started his exterior business.

Contact Trumm Exteriors for your roofing, siding, gutter, window, and decking needs in Lincoln County and Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

Todd Trumm Exteriors


At Trumm Exteriors, our mission is to build; build trust, build connections and build relationships. We strive to become the resident expert for our clients on all things exteriors. We put the time and effort into gaining expertise on the best products in the market and will only put our seal of approval on products that will last. Most importantly, we focus on our clients’ satisfaction.


Once you’re a client of Trumm Exteriors, we also consider you family. Our vision is to make clients happy by giving them the best products and service available. Our goal is to exceed expectations on all projects and make sure we’ve given personal attention to every detail. Our best clients are those who appreciate a positive outlook and a personal approach to a roof, siding or gutter project.


Like good family, we are willing to invest in you and move at your pace. We want to earn your trust and build a relationship where you feel confident that we’ll steer you in the right direction. Integrity is everything to us. Todd often says, “If I wouldn’t use it on my own house, I won’t sell it to someone else.” We value quality workmanship, recommend only the best products, and find what is best for your unique needs.